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Where Your Image is Your First Impression

This is Your Salon engenders excitement and joy towards a valuable beauty experience that is curated for you. This sanctuary is for image-conscious individuals who seek guidance, honesty, trust, and support towards amplifying their image. Our expert works incorporate techniques practiced all over the world. Their knowledgable experiences, passion for beauty enhancements, and excellent procedures aim to keep you feeling ageless, fresh, radiant, and of course confident in your day-to-day lives.
This is Your Salon is here for you, and we feel good when you feel great about yourself. Nothing brings more pleasure to us when we see you admire and relish yourself. We are not here to change your beauty but to enhance its uniqueness. We are not here to alter your looks but to ignite your ego. Lastly, we are not here to make you fit into the crowd but to stand out from it.

Founder Reida One is one of the world's most passionate Appearance Enhancement Specialist. Her thirst for knowledge of beauty enhancement services drives and inspires her to stay educated, informed, and professionally trained with the latest and most effective services and products on the market.

Having a passion for the beauty industry has allowed her to keep up with the most modern styles and trends thus, giving her information on the effects of health, exercise, and positive thinking on your appearance.

With over 25 years of overall direct experience,

This is Your Salon has allowed her to showcase her talents in the salon industry. Developing a brand, that cultivated a following and coterie of image savvy individuals has been the source of her inspiration.

 Reida's company and brand is built on her inner voice leaving , “ALL EYES ON YOU”

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